Tendering for Builders

'Tendering for Builders' is progressing the preferred AMA Concept. Aisling provides more detailed drawings and documentation - which is extremely beneficial when tendering for builders. It provides huge detail enabling the builder to provide exact costings - leaving little room for unexpected extras. Examples of detail the documentation includes is as follows:

  • Type of windows/sliding doors to be used (e.g PVC, aluclad etc.)
  • What types of floors to be used (e.g. tiles, wooden etc.) and where exactly they will sit
  • Type of insulation to be chosen
  • The cladding option for the outside walls (brick, wooden, render, zinc etc.)
  • The structure of the house - wooden, brick, steel etc.
  • Decking, brick, stone, paving options etc. for outside the home
  • Electrical layouts (where plug sockets, lights etc. will sit exactly)
  • Internal joinery detail (e.g. type of wood to be used for storage,shelving units etc.) 
  • Plumbing considerations